From Brooke & Emil's Christmas album released November 2019

Band: Brooke & Emil
Spanish Acoustic guitar music promo video

Band: Other (subbing)
Having a ball playing outside in downtown San Jose

Band: Maroon Vibes
Promotional Video showing recent performance footage as well as an audio track from an upcoming album

Band: Rock the Heat
Jamming at a music in the park to some good ole Crowes

Band: Rock the Heat
Pat Benatar Heartbreaker - a bit of indulgence

Band: Rock the Heat
A little blues playing with an old favorite, Stormy Monday

Band: Rock the Heat
Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon for the Summer Music Series at Clos la Chance Winery.

Band: Rock the Heat
Acoustic rendition of Black Horse and a Cherry Tree with Michelle

Band: Rock the Heat
Clips of guitar solos during a recent concert at the Miami Beach Club in San Jose, CA.

Band: Dash ne Dash
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