About Me Over 30 years professional experience

In the studio, I always play for the song. Since I listen to and play a lot of different styles , I have plenty to draw from in order to bring out the best in every song. I know how to translate my collaborators' visions into the right guitar and music tracks: invoke a certain emotion (sad, happy, dark, uplifting, angry, etc) or emulate a certain guitar style or player (Clapton, Stevie, Eddie, Knopfler, Beck, etc).

In a band setting, I'm always dependable, well-prepared and ready to work. I know a large repertoire of songs and pick up new ones quickly by ear. Several times I was asked to sit in with a band where I had to learn 30-40 songs within a few days.

As a songwriter, people tell me that I have a great sense of melody and phrasing for a variety of styles. I follow popular music in all genres closely and can draw from what's current as well as the classics. If you're stuck with the same old chord changes, or not sure how to lift your song, I can help.

History I grew up loving all kinds of music, from straight ahead pop/rock to the harder stuff from my big brother's record collection. Although I preferred guitar-based rock, I always liked a good song and performance, whether it was synth pop, thrash, country, or a piano concerto.

My teacher taught me the fundamentals of music theory and technique, and introduced me to tasteful guitar legends Eric Clapton and Peter Green. After a few years, I continued to learn on my own, learning the techniques of Eddie Van Halen, Rhandy Rhoads, Joe Satriani and other 80's guitar gods. Later, I got into nouveau flamenco and country.

In high school, I began recording extensively with a friend in his home studio. Later, I recorded in professional studios all over California. I started several bands and played clubs, concerts, and festivals throughout the US, Canada, and Eastern Europe.

Eventually, I set up my own modest, portable Pro Tools home studio.

While playing in various rock and jam bands over the years, I continuously played acoustic music as well (folk, ethnic, classic country, flamenco, classical, etc)

Other I'm a web developer during the day, so love to design sites and apps, as well as develop all kinds of cool web apps.

My Favorite Guitar Players

Mark Knopfler - Mark is probably the tastiest of them all. His melodies are beautiful, and his finger style has always been magical. Known for his long stint with Dire Straits, Mark has also produced many solo albums since, which showcase his various styles in both electric, acoustic and slide.

Jeff Beck - Jeff is a guitar player's player. His signature technique of using fingers to pluck, while working the volume knob and tremolo bar is unbelievable. But, it's not just a technique. He uses it to make amazing and emotive melodies. His leads are very vocal sounding, as he effortlessly bends from one note to the other.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - The late SRV was a master of the rock blues. He attacked the guitar harder than anyone else, playing purely from the heart and soul. Every note was felt. His fluid playing was as powerful on record as it was live. But, watching live footage of his concerts is still mindblowing today as it ever was.

Eddie Van Halen - If you grew up in the 80's and don't mention Eddie as one of your favorites, you're a liar or were too busy listening to synth pop. Eddie was so innovative in all aspects of the guitar: sound, technique, shredding, attack, etc. His riffs were fun to play, and if you dared touch his solos, you'd spend hours in your bedroom making horrible sounds that sounded nothing like Eddie even though you were playing all the same notes.

Joe Satriani - They refer to him as a shredder, but in my opinion it is always his melodies and choice of notes and chords that makes him special. Although he's technically proficient, it is his ability to engage the audience and listeners by his melodies. He's the best instrumental songwriter.

Brad Paisley - Brad won the trifecta of music: he can sing, play, and write better than most. Almost everyone that hates country music still respects Brad as a guitar player. He can go from chicken picking to rock without blinking an eye. He's fast, tasty, and can milk notes for days.

Guthrie Govan - Although there's probably no such thing as the best player in the world, Guthrie in my opinion is probably pretty close. He's known in the guitar world, but not so much elsewhere, due to his low key band projects. But, I have never seen someone so in control of the guitar that he can literarlly do anything at will. From fast runs to perfect bends, from crazy jazz scales to simple blues riffs, this guy is a master player.

John 5 - This madman from Rob Zombie's band (previously with Marilyn Manson) is out of this world. He can shred with the best of them. But, then he busts out insane country chicken picking that would blow away the best Nashville session players out of the water. He's so fun to watch, not only for his playing, but his theatrics.

Ottmar Liebert - When I first heard the Gipsy Kings, I was hooked. The music was so beautiful and full of passion. I loved the sound of 7-8 guitars playing rhythm in unison, while Tonino, their lead player played amazing runs between the vocals. But, when I heard, Ottmar, it was even more magical. Ottmar often played very simple lines, but they were so perfect and full of fire. He seldom ripped a fast run, even though he could. It was always about beautiful melodies.

Vito Bratta - White Lion came into the 80's rock scene with fun, catchy, sing-along songs. But, every song was filled with amazing rhythm and lead guitars thanks to the wonderful Vito Bratta. His solos were often little mini songs placed inside of the songs. He borrowed some from Eddie Van Halen, but added his own magic touch. I spent many hours trying to learn his solos note for note.

Bands & Projects


Hard rock and country band playing originals and hard covers
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Brooke & Emil
An acoustic duo playing songs from all decades, perfect for private parties, wineries, cocktail hour, house party, etc.
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Maroon Vibes
A tribute to Maroon 5, playing all their hits and other covers.
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Rock the Heat
Party cover band-rock, funk, r&b

the Electric Plume
A three piece original powerhouse, rock n roll party machine

1995-1999, 2013-2015
Recorded two studio albums, 3 EPs. Played hundreds of gigs in clubs and festivals throughout California, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. Played with bands Train, Cake, Fishbone, String Cheese Incident, Papa Roach, and many more.
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Modern Day Cowboy
The ultimate tribute to Tesla, one of the greatest bands from the 80's rock scene.
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Dark Humor
Recorded two studio albums, one EP. Played clubs and festivals throughout California, Chicago, Toronto, and multiple cities throughout Croatia


Rock Galama
3 Members of Dash ne Dash decided to go at it as a trio. I'm playing bass on this project and loving it. We were super excited to open up for the greatest Croatian rock band, Prljavo Kazaliste in San Francisco.

Solo Acoustic Guitar
Playing flamenco influenced acoustic guitar music

Croatian wedding/party band currently recording its first studio album of original songs. Played at weddings and festivals all over California, Seattle, Vancouver, Ottowa, Chicago, Cleveland, and more.

Dash ne Dash
Rock band playing all the rock hits of the 70s and 80s from Croatia, Bosnia and ex-YU.
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A Croatian folk group. Recorded two studio albums and played at festivals in California, Nevada, Washington, Chicago, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Nenad Bach Recording
I recorded and createD arrangements using the Tamburitza (Croatian ethnic instrument) for Nenad Bach's 1998 album, I Love Losers, later re released in 2002 as a Thousand Years of Peace.
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Other Croatian wedding/party bands
Played in a variety of Croatian wedding/party bands for countless weddings, private parties and festivals. Backed up some of the biggest pop stars from Croatia including Severina, Minea, Meri Cetinic, Vice Vukov, Ivica Serfezi, and more..

Music Highlights 400+ live performances from small clubs to big stages and TV

500+ hours experience in pro/home studios

Toured throughout USA, Canada and Eastern Europe

Shared stage with Train, Cake, String Cheese Incident, Fishbone, and Papa Roach

Backed up some of the biggest Croatian pop stars including Severina, Minea, and Meri Cetinic
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